Can see ghosts, if that can be considered a power.

Altered History:
Morty was born in a small town, where everyone knew each other. The neighborhood was decent; the crime rate wasn’t crazy, and everyone seemed normal there. But behind the doors of the Matsuba home, it was a totally different story. Morty’s father was a crazy drug dealer and owned a meth lab. Morty watched his father fall apart, swearing he’d never be like him. Morty was also known to see and speak to ghosts, and he swears he’s not crazy; he still talks to them to this day.

That was, untill he needed the money. When his father passed away due to drug overdose, Morty’s mother barely made enough money for both of them. Morty, being only 14, couldn’t get a real job; so he became a drug dealer as well. Though he never experimented much with them, he started to smoke pot to experiment at age 17 and really grew an attachment to it. It felt like the only escape he had; so that’s what it became.

Morty, in his spare time, liked to keep a garden. It was where he grew his weed, but he also grew other things such as flowers and other plants. He would grow food as well, helping aid his mother for cooking when she had the time.

Morty’s mother then left, figuring Morty could take care of himself; which in a way, he could, but he still felt hurt. Today, he struggles to get a job, so he finally got accept at Shibuku academy after obtaining a fake resume. Though it’s highly doubtful he’ll get caught, which is a relief to him. Besides, he knew enough about herbology to get through this.

Desired Position:
Herbology teacher